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The 40 Red Flags

The 40 Red Flags The following are warnings that a potential Dom may not be all that you think they are. Please be careful if the potential Dom: 1) Tries to separate you from your friends, family or BDSM community. 2) Avoids talking about personal details. Gets mad when you ask or quickly ends the […]

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Serve a person worth serving

Serve a person worth serving by Sarina_Darling original post Choose a Dominant with integrity. Seek out tops with skill, wit, and humor- but never stay with a Dominant who lacks integrity. You have the depth, warmth and intelligence to add to the life of whomever you pick, so pick someone with values that match your […]

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Reference for Sexual/Romantic Orientations and More by HeartHannah

Just so I can point people here for reference, here are some common definitions of different sexualities/romantic orientations. Sexual Orientation – based on the gender(s) that you are sexually attracted to (people who you want to have intercourse with, etc.) Romantic Orientation – based on the gender(s) that you are romantically attracted to (people who you want […]

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practical-nonmonogamy-tips-ii/Negotiation Skills – from Practical Nonmonogamy Tips II – pepomint

Practice negotiating on relationship topics. If every negotiation turns into an all-night crying jag or blamefest, then negotiation will not happen because you will be afraid of it. Practice various sharing and listening exercises until you can negotiate effectively even on emotional subjects. Bring up hard subjects. It is unfortunately common for people in relationships […]

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