Southwest Master/slave History

The regional Master/slave contests were inspired in 2002.  At that time, Master Jim and slave marsha, owners of the International Master/slave Contest, wished to help establish five regions to serve as "feeder contests" for the event held during the South Plains Leather Fest weekend in Dallas, TX.  In October of that first year, the Southeast Master/slave Contest was established at the Together In Leather (TIL) event held in Charlotte, NC.  In January 2003, the Southwest Master/slave Contest was established at Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

That first year, the SWLC title was won by Master Bert and slave nadine, who later went on to win the International Master / slave title in February 2003.  This dynamic duo was followed by Master Z and slaveboy Tony who also went on to win the International title in February 2004.  Master Obsidian and slave namaste took their 2010 winning title to win International Master/slave 2010.

The growth of M/s communities at local levels in the Southwest region prompted the introduction of State M/S Feeder Contests in 2014. Some states in the region have established M/s contests and some states have producers who are currently in the planning stages. Contestant pairs from states with active M/s feeder contests must compete and win that feeder contest to compete in the Southwest Master/slave contest.  If a state does not have a state level feeder contestant pairs can enter Southwest Master/slave contest directly.


Below is the pictorial history of the stellar individuals who have represented the Southwest region as the Southwest Master / slave titleholders


Southwest Master / slave 2015

Sir Gareth and slave toi (Denver, CO) 


Southwest Master / slave 2014

Master Valentino and slave Panda (Victorville, CA) 


Southwest Master / slave 2013

Master Todd and slave Elizabeth (Round Rock, TX) ​


Southwest Master / slave 2012

Sir Mystic and Marika (Santa Fe, NM) 


Soutwest Master / slave 2011

Master George & slave bren (Los Angeles, CA) 


Southwest Master / slave 2010 - International Master / slave 2010

Master Obsidian & slave namaste (Austin, TX) 


Southwest Master / slave 2009

Wizard Bob & slave dorothy (Tulsa, OK) 


Southwest Master / slave 2008

Master Malik & slave cathy (Tulsa, OK) 


Southwest Master / slave 2006

(no photo available)Master Konrad & slave kat (Las Vegas, NV) 



​Southwest Master / slave 2005

Master Guardian & slave sugar (Las Vegas, NV) 



Southwest Master / slave 2004 - International Master / slave 2004

Master Z & slaveboy tony (Dallas, TX) 



Southwest Master / slave 2003 - International Master / slave 2003

Master Bert & slave nadine (Phoenix, AZ) 


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