Southwest BootBlack History

Southwest Leather Conference honors the historical roots of bootblacking in the leather community and is dedicated to promoting the bootblacks of the Southwest region. The Southwest Bootblack Contest was established to direct attention to the bootblack's art and skills and to recognize the dedication, spirit and service heart that the very best in the bootblack community exemplify.

Bootblack camaraderie is a focal point of the event as contestants shine side by side with other bootblacks attending the event. The rapport spreads throughout the entire event as the bootblacks host a rollicking party on one evening of the weekend celebration. At the inaugural Southwest Bootblack Contest in 2005 contestants, bootblacks and event guests shared a chocolate birthday cake in a fashion that has become a tradition for bootblack gatherings nationwide.

In its inception in 2005 the Southwest Bootblack Contest was not a feeder contest for any specific competition. Henry James took the Southwest Bootblack title to the International Community Bootblack Competition 2006 and won first place. Other fabulous bootblacks have competed in the Southwest Bootblack Contest. Even contestants who have competed but did not win the regional title have gone on to win international titles. Ms V won International Ms Bootblack 2007 and Jason DaBoi took that same title in 2010.

Below is the pictorial history of the stellar individuals who have represented the Southwest region as the Bootback titleholders





Southwest Bootblack 2015

Shelly (California) ​



Southwest Bootblack 2014

Angel (Texas) 



Southwest Bootblack 2013

Treasure (Nevada) 



Southwest Bootblack 2012

GrrlBear (Arizona) ​




No contestants



Southwest Bootblack 2010

Cobi (California) 



Southwest Bootblack 2009

slave tabitha (Arizona) 



Southwest Bootblack 2008

Kiddo (Colorado) 



Southwest Bootblack 2007

boi moe (Arizona) 



Southwest Bootblack 2006 - International Community Bootblack 2006

Henry James (Arizona) 



Southwest Bootblack 2006

Steven Hagen (Nevada)


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